Supreme Nutri Flex

Size: 900 mL
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Choose New Nutri-Flex Supreme for More Power and Better Taste! Designed specifically to support joint health! Naka's Nutri-Flex Supreme is newly formulated to be even faster acting to improve joint health and reduce pain & inflammation. After listening to customers the scientists at Naka have created this effective liquid suspension formula. Nutri-Flex Supreme is designed for greater, faster absorption, contains more nutrients that can work to combat pain due to osteoarthritis and uric acid build-up. New formulation and new taste - Nutri-Flex Supreme comes in a delicious, Natural Raspberry flavour. [LIQUID]

Each 5mL Contains: Active Ingredients: Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) 200mg Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Potassium sorbate, acacia gum, xylitol, xanathan gum, natural orange flavour, vegetable glycerin, malic acid, vitamin C, purified water

Suggested Use
SUGGESTED USE: Take 1 tablespoon daily as is or mix with half a glass of water or juice.

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