Organic Red Palm Oil

Size: 475 mL


Improves blood circulation Boosts immunity Improves blood sugar control Improves nutrient absorption and vitamin and mineral status Aids in the prevention and treatment of malnutrition Supports healthy liver & lung function Helps strengthen bones teeth & eye health Alpha Pure Red Palm Oil is naturally reddish in color because it is the richest natural source of beta carotenes, about 30 times more than those found in carrots. Pure red palm oil is semi-solid at room temperature, and has a very distinctive taste and odor. It also contains powerful antioxidants that help to fight against aging effects and disease. Red Palm Oil is suitable for cooking different dishes including stews and soups. It is also ideal for frying, making sauces and dressings.


Pure Red Palm Oil

Suggested Use

Red palm oil possesses excellent cooking properties. It is more heat stable than many other vegetable oils and adds superior taste, texture, and quality to all kinds of foods, including baked goods. Perfect for stir-fry and pasta!

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