Raw Cacao Paste

Size: 454 g


Giddy Yoyo Cacao is the world’s most selectively sourced and purest cacao available. Giddy Yoyo (GY) cacao paste originates from hand picked Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional cacao pods, and is processed at GY’s facility in Ecuador. The beans are hand selected, fermented, sun-dried to perfection, crushed and 'winnowed' (the skins removed utilizing powerful fans). Any remaining residual cacao skins and other imperfections are removed by hand, and then these nibs are ground in a granite melange and naturally liquefy. The liquefied cacao mass is poured onto trays and solidified, next broken into pieces and packaged for your enjoyment. The cacao does not go through a "Dutch" process nor is it alkalized in any way.

Cacao paste (made from unroasted Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional cacao beans).

Suggested Use
GY cacao paste can be added to smoothies or other beverages (such as homemade hot cacao), or be melted down and used in making any chocolaty treat or baked good.

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