Pan & Soleplate Cleaner

Size: 1 piece


The pan and soleplate cleaner will cut through burnt on stains with effortless ease. This non-toxic cleaner will even remove rust and other tough stains on a range of surfaces all over the house including ceramics, glass and even for reviving grout. it really is that easy. Removes burnt in stains and rust Suitable to use on metal, glass, ceramics and grout Just dampen in water, no need for extra sprays or chemicals Non-toxic

Polyurethane Silicone Carbide.

Suggested Use
1) Just add a small amount of water directly to the block, and gently rub over the affected area. 2) Wipe away residues with a clean cloth. Always use in an inconspicuous area first. Not for use on chromed, polished surfaces or non-stick coatings. If in doubt, call the manufacturer of your appliance/product. caution: always test in an unobtrusive area first. this product is not intended for use on non-stick, chromed or polished coatings. ecozone ltd does not accept liability for any damage that may arise from the misuse of this product.

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