Organic Stevia Packets

Size: 1oz


The only thing better than stevia? Organic stevia. If you need to watch your gluten intake or if you follow a kosher diet, these SweetLeaf® Organic Stevia Packets could be great for you. With these packets of single servings of organic stevia extract powder, you can take a bit of sweetness everywhere you go.

Inulin soluble fiber, organic stevia extract, silica

Suggested Use

SweetLeaf Stevia® sweetener is a healthy choice for everyone - including people with diabetes. SweetLeaf Stevia® sweetener in your favorite hot or cold coffees, teas, lemonade or any beverage. It is great sprinkled on hot or cold cereal or mixed in pies, puddings, or other desserts, as well as yogurt, muffins and cookies. It's delicious on berries, sweet potatoes or any fruit.

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