Organic Baby Dills

Size: 500 mL


With a spiciness that hits you hard then slowly sneaks up even more, these fiery baby dill pickles have a taste you will never forget! With the unique flavor that you have come to expect from sunshine farms and the unmistakable taste of the dill pickles, our fiery dill pickles are the winning combination of taste and nutrition. The added jalapeno adds a unique kick that gives it a special flavor which is truly fiery. Once the cucumbers are harvested, they are processed while at their peak of quality and flavor on our farm facility while under the watchful eyes of the jaques family. For a pure and natural taste, there are no additives, preservatives, or chemicals used during any stage of the growing and pickling process. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers in the fields; no artificial additives in our products. The ingredients in our products have names that you can read and recognize, so there are no chemical formulas, just common kitchen ingredients.

Suggested Use
They are fantastic as an hors d'oeuvre, as a health snack for the whole family, or as an adventurous addition to any family event.

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