Kettle & Iron Descaler

Size: 1 piece


Kettle & iron descaler is specially formulated to get rid of limescale. that’s it! one product for two kitchen appliances. done! By descaling regularly, your kettle and iron will live limescale-free for longer, they’ll work more effectively, which could reduce your electricity bills. kettle & iron descaler’s easy to use and comes with 3 sachets in each pack to help keep your appliances squeaky clean.

100% citric acid

Suggested Use
Kettles: 1) Boil kettle. 2) Empty contents of 1 sachet into the kettle. 3) Wait 30 mins. 4) Rinse Irons: 1) Dissolve contents of 1 sachet in 400ml of hot water. 2) Heat your iron. 3) Add solution and steam until empty. 4) Refill with fresh water and steam until empty.

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