Hydrogen Peroxide

Size: 1 L


What Is Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide? Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a naturally occurring water-like liquid that has many practical applications both inside and outside the home. Household disinfectant. Natural personal care product. Pool and spa disinfecting. Plants, etc. waterdrop You can make your household cleaner and safer, just by substituting Hydrogen Peroxide for those caustic chemicals you are currently using. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide has no additives and is the only pure grade that is safe for use in food production. There are no toxins in hydrogen peroxide. It not only destroys organic contamination, but breaks down to the two purest and most beneficial chemicals: pure water and pure oxygen. waterdrop Pasted Graphic 2 waterdrop Hydrogen peroxide is unstable and decomposes violently when in direct contact with traces of organic or particulate matter. Light, agitation, or heating, accelerate the rate of hydrogen peroxide decomposition in solution. One volume of 35% hydrogen-peroxide solution will yield 100 volumes of oxygen gas when it decomposes.

35% solution Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Suggested Use
Suggested Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide 1. As a mouthwash and gargle 2. In relaxing baths and foot baths 3. To sanitize toothbrushes, and dentures 4. As a produce wash, to keep fruits and veggies fresh longer 5. To disinfect compost pails, cutting boards, and scrub brushes 6. For washing carpets, floors, and windows 7. Stripping wood furniture, and cleaning wooden decks 8. Removing mould 9. To brighten laundry & remove stains 10. To clean out aquariums 11. To keep the water clean in fish farming 12. In gardening: As a plant fertilizer and plant spray 13. To clean swimming pools and spas, as an alternative to chlorine 14. Taxidermists use it to clean and whiten bones... 15. It's used in making cheese 16. Aseptic packaging (those weird little boxes that food comes in) are sprayed with it 17. It is used in products for whitening teeth, treating acne, and cleaning contact lenses 18. Oh, and it's also great for cleaning cuts and skin infections! You know, like the brown bottles at the drug store....

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