8" Cedar Smudge Stick

Size: 1 piece


Triloka's Global Shaman Mountain Sage, Cedar, and Lavender Smudge strengthens and provides new energy in times of mental and physical exhaustion, recharges the energy of indoor and outdoor spaces and provides balance and grounding. Lavender grows in warm, dry climates. It is balancing, refreshing, soothing and grounding.

Three (3) Mini 3.5" Long Sage-Cedar-Lavender Smudges. Sustainably harvested by Native Americans. Biodegradable packaging. Printed on paper from well-managed forests, controlled sources, and recycled wood or fiber. Minimum 10% recycled post-consumer content.

Suggested Use
Light the tip of the incense stick. After a few seconds blow out the flame. Place stick in an incense holder or pot of sand to catch the ash. The incense will burn slowly, releasing natural fragrance.

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