Where Does My Product Come From?! Beretta Farms
We’re very excited to introduce a new series here on the blog titled,“Where Does My Product Come From?!”, which will spotlight various items here at Ambrosia and the fascinating stories behind each of them! We’re also pleased to announce that Ambrosia is now carrying Beretta Farm’s certified organic NY striploins and Top Sirloin Steaks! So we felt that it was rather fitting that Beretta Farms be our very first “Where Does My Product Come From?!” feature! The Beretta Story Our food plays such an integral role in our overall health and wellness, so it’s extremely important to know exactly where our food comes from and how it got onto our plate. Furthermore, establishing a healthy understanding of the ways in which our food is grown or how livestock is raised can help us appreciate and respect that food is more than just an action… but rather something that is to be enjoyed and keep us nourished. Which is why today, we’re spotlighting the “farm to table” story of Beretta Farms! beretta-family-farm-march-20 Humble Beginnings to Nationwide Success – a Beretta Timeline beretta-family-march-20 1992: Where it all began! With dreams and aspirations of producing healthy food alternatives for Canadian families, newlyweds Mike and Cynthia Beretta purchased their first farm in Huron County, Ontario! 1995: For three years, the Beretta’s happily embraced a rural way of life through developing their growing family of livestock and enjoying everything that farming has to offer in Huron County! However, due to a fire, the Beretta’s lost their barn and entire livestock in October of this year. 1996: Through perseverance and determination, combined with support from the local Mennonite community, the Beretta farm was rebuilt and production continued as usual… just in time for the Beretta products to start popping up on local restaurant menus! 1999: To accommodate their growing success and increasing demand, the Beretta’s made the “big city” move, obtaining a long-term lease of 800 acres in King City which brought them closer to urban retailers. Embracing change and new prospects, the couple was now able to focus their attention on becoming certified organic. 2009: Ten years later, in addition to their now certified organic line of products, the Berretta’s introduce antibiotic free proteins. This allowed customers to purchase their foods at a slightly lower price point while still upholding humane, cattle-rearing standards that is so important to them. 2013: In order to reach a nationwide audience, Mike, Cynthia and Berretta Farms become part of One Earth Farms, while still staying very much involved in the day-to-day operations, as to maintain the “family feel” of their brand. 2016: Currently, their livestock cattle are raised humanely, roaming free on local, sustainable family farms. Their cattle is served one of three diets; organic cattle are fed certified organic feed, antibtiotic free cattle receive a vegetable based grain and grass fed cattle are kept on a strict, “grass only” diet. beretta-steaks-march-20 Have you ever tried Beretta Farms beef?! Let us know in the comments!