What’s in Team Ambrosia’s Beach Bag?!
Summer is in FULL swing so we thought that it would be a bit helpful if Team Ambrosia shared a few of their favourite beach and poolside essentials! We asked seven of Ambrosia staff members what they absolutely cannot live without while sitting lake or pool side & they gave some pretty spectacular answers. Pssssssst…. Be sure to let us know what some of your favourite beach bag essentials are too! We’d love to hear ‘em! Our Favourite Beach Bag Essentials – Team Ambrosia What’s in Gill’s Beach Bag…
  1. Boo Bamboo Spray Sunscreen - I am very fair, so sun protection is SUPER important to me. I like the sprays because they are easy to use (and keep my hands from getting all greasy)
  2. Nature's Aid Skin Gel - In the event I do get too much sun, I need something to cool my skin (and it's great for bug bites, too)
  3. Buddha Bowl Popcorn - I love snacking at the beach, and popcorn is perfect because I don't need to feel guilty about it!
What’s in Nicole’s Beach Bag…
  1. Mineral Fusion Beach Spray - Essential for keeping my hair hydrated in the blistering sun, while creating sultry beach waves!
  2. Artisana Org. Raw Coconut Oil - An all natural, great smelling tanning oil that I use on top of my sunscreen.
  3. Vitacoco Lemonade - To stay hydrated and refreshed while catching some rays!
What’s in Brit’s Beach Bag…
  1. Fruits – I am hungry almost always, so I absolutely need to keep food on hand in my beach bag! When I’m sitting lakeside in the sun, I try to include fruit with high water content in order to keep hydrated (think watermelon, grapes, pineapple etc.)
  2. Zevia – Soda is synonymous with pool or beach days! Not only is zevia on sale this month, but it’s zero calorie and contains ZERO aspartame!
  3. Waterproof Mascara – I still like to look put together EVEN when going for a swim! Which is why I LOVE Gabriel Cosmetics waterproof mascara – great coverage & no chemical junk!
What’s in Arin’s Beach Bag…
  1. Water Bottle- ThinkSport has great water bottles to keep your water cold for hours! On a hot summer day, cold water is essential!
  2. Electrolytes - Don’t forget to add minerals to your water. We often forget that when we are in the water, we still sweat! I like to rehydrate with electrolytes using Aussie Trace Minerals found at our Thornhill location.
  3. SPF Lip Balm-The one place we all forget to protect is our lips, so I use Green Beaver Sunscreen Lip Balm to keep from burning my lips!
What's in Liana's Beach Bag...
  1. HYDRATE: Definitely would have to go with a coconut water of some sort or a juice from Cold Pressed Juice or slices of delicious organic produce (e.g. cucumber!)
  2. PROTECT: Green Beaver sunscreen! The non-nano, yes it leaves a white coating, but it also leaves out harsh chemicals from entering into the body!
  3. REFRESH: Rose Water, keeping it fresh with a spray here and there! I like to spray this cool mist when it gets a little too much on the hot side. Perfection!
What’s in Cara’s Beach Bag…

  1. Thinksport Bottle - A must in the summer to keep me hydrated and it keeps my water cold for hours even when I'm at the beach!
  2. Crate 61 Vanilla Bean Lip Balm - My lips tend to get chapped more frequently in the summer so I keep this in the pocket of my bag so my lips are always re-moisturized
  3. Solar Raw Cheddar Kale Chips - These are super yummy and a healthier option compared to regular chips and are filled with flavour!
What's in Leanna's Beach Bag...
  1. Sunscreen - I like Everyday Face Sunscreen (naturally tinted) at our Thornhill location because it is enhanced with vitamin c & contains a tint in order to remove any white marks on the face! It blends in easily and it's great since I have sensitive skin.
  2. Hair - I love Mineral Fusion Beach Spray because it is ideal for anyone's hair type. It gives you an ocean kissed, tousled beach look that is super fun for summer! It also gives volume, texture & is convenient for the beach.
  3. Coconut Water - I love Vita Coco Coconut Water because it is refreshing & rehydrating. It contains a high amount of potassium and a small amount of sodium to give us our electrolyte;s that have been lost while getting our sun-kissed glow!!!!

What’s in YOUR beach bag?!

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