Three Halloween Costumes You NEED to Try!
Just a friendly little reminder that Halloween is oh…. ONE WEEK AWAY!!!! Have a costume yet? No? Panicking a little? WELL – not to worry, because today we are sharing three different costumes inspired by a couple of the brands we carry here at Ambrosia! And the good news? Most of these costumes require things you probably ALREADY have!!!! ENJOY! Halloween Costume Inspired by our Products You guys… I think that this just might be my favourite post I have ever written EVER! I had such an incredibly fun time putting these costumes together & I hope that you all enjoy them just as much as I do! One of my favourite aspects of Halloween is the whole dressing up part! It’s just so incredibly fun and whimsical – and like the ONE time during the year where you get to play dress up as adults and it is one hundred percent socially acceptable to do so. Some of my favourite costumes I’ve ever worn are the one’s I’ve either DIY’d myself or hand picked from my closet! Not to mention… this is a much cheaper way to go about Halloween costumes on the whole! BONUS POINTS! Below are three costumes you can EASILY make on your own – and they’re all inspired by products we carry right here at Ambrosia!!! PS. IF you DO happen to try these costumes out… you NEEEEEEEEED to tag us! We would love, love, love to see how they turned out!
  1. Long Sleeved Collared Shirt – Light Blue
  2. Bolo Tie
  3. Red Vest
  4. ANY Bob’s Red Mill Product
  5. Newsboy Hat
  6. Square Wire Rimmed Glasses
  7. Beige Khaki Pants
  1. Wicker Basket – Fill the basket with white linens!
  2. ANY Nellie’s Product – place the product into the wicker basket with the linens!
  3. Gabriel Cosmetics Lipstick – Tea Rose
  4. Green Dress – Try for something a bit more “old fashioned”; like this Soda Fountain A Line Dress!
  1. Emoji Face – You can either MAKE this yourself using Bristol Board OR purchase – emoji costumes are literally everywhere right now! So this is a fun little twist on this trend!
  2. ANY FreeYumm product
  3. Wings
  4. Black pants & black long sleeved shirt! Attach the emoji to your black shirt
  5. Chef hat

Will you be trying any of these costumes out?!

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