St. Patrick’s Day Essentials
Can you believe that St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow?! Spring has almost sprung, and what better way to kick off a season of warm weather and sunny skies than with a little bit of a party?! So to help you embrace your inner “Irish Spirit”, we’re sharing some of our favourite green St. Patrick’s Day party essentials… which you can pick up right here at Ambrosia! Paint the Town… GREEN! Our St Patrick’s Day Essentials – Brit, Team Ambrosia 1. Green Smoothie Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day from dusk til dawn! Oftentimes, the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations literally begin at around 9am in the morning, however why not opt for a much healthier start to the day with a nutrient dense green smoothie! This “Green Island Smoothie Bowl” will get you in the mood to celebrate all things Irish right from the beginning! This smoothie bowl is packed with all sorts of antioxidant amazingness – from chia seeds, to mangos – to help fuel you through your day of celebrations! You can find the full recipe on our official Recipe Page HERE! 2. Gemz Bracelets - Jade or Aventurine One of my favourite things about St. Patrick’s Day is dressing for the occasion! I love anything and everything “themed related” because A. It completely gets you into the spirit of things and B. in my personal opinion, it makes wardrobe and makeup selection a whole lot easier when you’re dealing with holidays! In this specific case, things become incredibly easy, because as long as you’re essentially wearing any form of green in one way or another… you’re more than good to go! However, if you want to score some extra brownie points in the outfit detail department – try going with green accessories! These bracelets are another way to jazz up or enhance your St. Patty’s Day ensemble! We carry two different shades of green here at Ambrosia, so it depends on which one you fancy most… or which one you require! These energetically charged gemstones are designed to influence your body’s emotions and improve your overall wellbeing! SO… are you a Jade or an Aventurine?!
  • Jade Gemz Bracelet: promotes stress and relaxation! Who wants to be tense while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day right?!
  • Aventurine Gemz Bracelet: helps provide mental and emotional clarity, while simultaneously eases anxiety.
3. Pear & Ginger Sparkling “Mocktails” Because honestly, what’s St. Patrick’s Day without some sort of beverage to celebrate with… “Mocktail” or not! This particular “mocktail” is so unique, yet delicious and nutritious! We added a little bit of honey and ginger (hello, we’re still technically in flu season here!) to Ceres 100% Pure Pear juice – which contains absolutely NO added sugars or artificial flavours! Not to mention, it’s 100% green, which couldn’t be more perfect for this particular occasion! Ingredients
  • 1 tsp of honey
  • 2 spriggs of rosemary & 2 slices of pear (to garnish)
  • ½ tsp of freshly grated ginger
  • 200ml Ceres Pear Juice
  • One can of Zevia Lemon & Lime Soda
  1. Mix all of the ingredients together!
  2. Serve!
*** Side Note: If this mocktail doesn’t tickle your fancy… there are PLENTY of “better for you” beverage options to consider for St. Patrick’s Day! Think anything involving green apples or cucumber, and garnishes like rosemary, thyme or mint!

How will you be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?!

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