Shopping on a Budget: One Week of Groceries For $100
This past January, we shared a blog post on how to incorporate grocery shopping into your “Save Money” resolutions for 2017! As I’m sure you’re well aware, there’s a little bit of a misconception out there that buying organic or natural groceries costs a small fortune! So we wanted to demonstrate how to shop for a family of four for just $100 in one week, and found that it was incredibly useful for a lot of you! Soooo… due to popular demand, we’ve decided to make this a regular occurrence, featuring various items from both our Monthly Specials and regularly priced items! We hope that you enjoy! Groceries For $100 – For a Family of Four! – Brit, Team Ambrosia Hello! Welcome back to our second edition of budget friendly grocery shopping… although in terms of grocery/health and beauty shopping on the daily, we’re ALWAYS budget friendly – not that I’m bias or anything J. But regardless of having everyday low prices, sometimes it IS nice to have everything outlined in a neat and tidy, organized list, so to speak, when it comes to meal planning! We’ve got some pretty exciting and versatile specials this month, so this particular grocery list and meal plan was incredibly fun to put together! Grocery List ** All prices are approximate values
  • Jordans Cereal $8
  • 2 Milk Alternative $5
  • Fruits $12
  • Vegetables $15
  • Organic Quinoa $4.99
  • 8 Organic Ramen Noodles $8.88
  • L’Ancentre Cheese $5.55
  • Bread Loaf $7
  • ½ lb Walnut Pieces $2.22
  • ½ lb Organic Thompson Raisins $1.25
  • Sweet Potatoes $2.50
  • Eggs $7
  • Organic Rice Cakes $1.49
  • Ambrosia’s Own Peanut Butter $3.49
  • 12 Chicken Drumsticks $14
  • Rice $4
Meal Plan Idea Breakfast For all Seven Days: Jordans Cereal & Milk Alternative (any flavour), with a side of Fruit Lunch For 3 Lunches: Open Face Grilled Cheese with L’Ancentre Cheese For 1 Lunch: One Egg Omelet with Vegetables and Toast For 1 Lunch: Chicken Drumsticks with Rice For 2 Lunches: Rice with mixed veggies and peanut butter sauce Dinner For 3 Dinners: Quinoa Salad with Walnuts, Raisins and Sweet Potatoes For 2 Dinners: Organic Ramen Noodles topped with a Boiled Egg and Vegetables For 2 Dinners: Chicken Drumsticks with Rice Snacks
  • Organic Rice Cake topped with Peanut Butter
  • Leftover Raisins and Walnut Pieces

Let us know if you give any of these ideas a try!

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