September Featured Products Post – Back to Routine Checklist
Well folks… it’s officially official. We’ve reached the LAST long weekend of summer 2017. GASP! The leaves are already beginning to change, the kids are off to school once again, and us adults are slowly beginning to ease back into our daily routines. Yep, this month in particular is jam PACKED with changes – which at times can be a tad bit overwhelming!!! So we therefore felt it necessary to cater to these changes, and show you how this month’s Featured Products can help your family ease back into the eb and flow of routine! Ambrosia’s September Back to Routine Checklist September just so happens to be one of my favourite months of the year! Which is kind of ironic considering I’m absolutely NOT one for change, and this month is positively FILLED with change in every sense of the word! Change in seasons, school year, weather, back to routines etc… I mean, it’s literally everywhere! However, there ARE ways to help support these changes so that they don’t seem AS daunting or overwhelming, and the MOST important tip to keep in mind when faced with change is to keep yourself healthy! Fluctuating weather patterns, as well as any stress that accompanies change can put a bit of a damper on the good ol’ immune system! AKA when you’re actually FACED with change – your health needs to be in tiptop shape so that you can handle any new adjustments that come your way! I’ve therefore shared a bit of a “Back to Routine” checklist below so that you have an easy to remember guide to keep you healthy during the month of CHANGE!

The Back to Routine Checklist

Get Some Shut Eye!

Rest is IMPORTANT and ensuring that you get enough sleep is imperative to an overall healthy immune system. This is the time that your body uses to help regenerate, repair and strengthen itself, while eliminating toxins! So get some SHUT EYE! PS. Getting enough sleep also ensures that you’re more alert and able to tackle unsuspecting changes and new routines head on! We currently have Kids' Natural Calm on Special this month, which helps ease stress & improves sleep!

Keep the Immune System in Check

The weather can bring about fluctuating temperatures that can shock our systems; so keeping your Immune System strong during a change in seasons is totally paramount!

Many of our Featured Products this month actually help to foster a healthy immune system like our brand new Vegan Probiotics from Bio-K! Yes – you’ve read that correctly… VEGAN PROBIOTICS! These plant-based probiotics utilize fermented pea & hemp in order to optimize intestinal flora health, along with providing a balanced nutrition profile - it contains 6 grams of protein!! WOWZA!

We’ve also recently brought in Fermented Kale Powder from Prairie Naturals! This vegan, gluten-free, 100% pure kale powder is a great source of fiber, calcium, & iron. Not only THAT… this product also has a lot of great digestive benefits due to the fermentation. Translation: This powder has a WHOLE ton of immune boosting amazingness. Take THAT unpredictable weather! You can use this Kale Powder in your smoothies, soups salad dressings… essentially…. EVERYTHING!

Psssssst…. Did YOU know that your dental health actually plays a pretty substantial roll in your OVERALL health and immune system?! YES!!! Which is why it’s imperative to maintain our oral healthcare! Desert Essence has a new collection of dental care products that are infused with organic virgin coconut oil, known for helping remove impurities and boosting oral health and freshness. Sign me up!

Bottoms UP!

Hot water mixed with infused honey is not only tasty... it helps keep ya healthy! The antimicrobial properties of honey make it one of nature’s most versatile (& immune boosting) ingredients. Honey, combined with antioxidant rich ingredients like ginger and citrus will help ward off colds during the fall season! Not to mention… Ontario Wildflower Honey is actually on SALE for the month of September! Click HERE for this recipe & try it out!

Keep Moving

It can be hard to make time to fit in some physical activity when getting back into a busy schedule… but try, try TRY to get in at least 30 minutes on the daily! Even if it is just for a simple walk in the park! Not only does physical exercise help to ease stress that comes with a packed schedule, it can help clear your mind, rejuvenate your body and keep you HEALTHY!

So…. How do you plan on facing changes this September?!

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