September Featured Products: 3 Tips for Healthier Skin
September is here and you know what that means... Fall is right around the corner! Wondering how to transition your skincare routine for fall? Fall is a great opportunity to correct any summer damage your skin may have incurred, while simultaneously prepping for harsh winter temperatures ahead! Today we're sharing three simple tips and tricks for healthy, glowing skin this fall using some of September's Featured Products! Moisturize! Lower temperatures and humidity levels cause dry, itchy skin, which means it's time to up your moisturizer game! Quench your skin with Thirsty Naturals Daily Moisturizer!This balancing moisturizer contains sustainable plant-based ingredients derived from natural sources. What we love about this Moisturizer is that it's mattifying and causes NO shine. How? It absorbs skin oils! Hot Tip: Facial steaming hydrates the skin and will help your skin better absorb moisturizer! Try this out before applying Thirsty Naturals products Hydrate! Hydration is key when it comes to healthy, glowing skin. Why? It improves skin elasticity and helps combat excess oil production. Make sure you're staying hydrated throughout the fall season and drink lots of water… ie. Bottoms up! And while you're at it, add Organika's GLOW Powder to your water or smoothie! This powder contains 100% organic schisandra and hibiscus powder which helps promote skin hydration and protection. Smoothie Tip: raspberries, dates, bananas, flax seeds, avocados and kale all contain INCREDIBLE properties for your skin. Blend these ingredients, along with Organika's GLOW Powder and water or almond milk, for a delicious hydrating smoothie! Eat Clean. You know what they say... You are what you eat. The bottom line: what you eat is going to have an effect on your skin. Period. Ensure you're eating a rich and balanced diet in whole foods, vegetables, fruits, grains and protein. Ambrosia is your one-stop-shop for all things natural and healthy, and we have a HUGE selection of clean eats to meet all of your needs. FromGardein's Vegan Bowls, to Mama T's Protein Cookies and Golden Nest Jerky, we have natural foods for EVERYONE'S dietary preference. Eat natural for glowing skin!