Product Spotlight on Elore Naturals
Although bulk, grocery and supplements may come to mind when you first think of Ambrosia, we also carry a wide-selection of natural beauty and cosmetics products! Today we’re featuring the 100% Dead Sea mud masks from Elore Naturals in a special, “Green Your Beauty Routine” post! Green Your Beauty Routine – Dead Sea Mud Mask by Elore Naturals Our skin is arguably one of the most important organs that we have… it serves as first line of defense against any harmful environmental agents, helps to regulate body temperature and relays important information to the nervous system. So it makes sense that we should be mindful of ingredient lists and cautious of what we apply and put onto our bodies! Elore Naturals – a Muddy Mask with a Clean Track Record Today’s product feature, Elore Naturals 100% pure Dead Sea Mud Mask contains no additives or chemicals, and it's paraben, sulfate and phthalate free… just to name a few!! For more details on the ingredient list, click HERE! Not to mention, this just so happens to be one of my all-time, favourite beauty products of LIFE… not joking! I am completely obsessed with how this mud mask makes my skin feel: soft, smooth, hydrated and most importantly CLEAN. Side-Note: My dad just so happens to be the spa/beauty product/face mask connoisseur of the household and I am here to tell you today, that after using the Elore mud mask, he proudly declared that it is, “the best he’s ever had”! THAT is saying something! I typically use this product on a bi-weekly basis, making sure to remove any makeup and cleansing my face with warm water prior to applying the mask! I leave it for about 20 minutes, before rinsing off with warm water… and voila, what’s left is some of the smoothest skin I’ve ever felt! The Benefits of Elore’s Mud Mask Elore Naturals’ product formulator, Ali Ramadan originally developed this product to help reduce skin inflammation associated with eczema. However, when he began to notice how widespread the benefits actually were, he started to shift his focus to a wider market…. AKA YOU AND I! Hurrah! Packed with 26 trace minerals, the Elore 100% pure Dead Sea Mud Mask helps draw out skin impurities, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliates and increases circulation to the applied area. What are some of your favourite green beauty products?! Let us know in the comments!