Oscar’s Viewing Snacks – Under $25
The Oscars are approaching, and for those of you that look forward to this night for its glitz and glam appeal, we’re sharing an Oscar's appropriate spread worthy of any A-list celebrity! An Oscar Worthy Spread – For Under $25!! Ever since I can remember, it’s been somewhat of a family tradition to watch the Oscars whilst devouring a delicious spread of various appetizers…. Although I think we’re calling it “tappas” nowadays, no? Anywho, this has always been one of my favourite magical nights of the year and the experience is always amplified by what’s being served on the table. Shrimp rings, cheese and crackers, sliced sausage (I’m getting hungry just writing this)… the options are endless… but pricy! All of these gourmet snacks can definitely add up!! However, it’s easier than you think to whip up a seemingly gourmet spread that’s simultaneously worthy of any A-list Star, AND completely budget-friendly!! So whether you’re watching the Oscars with a few friends or family, or just hosting a casual night in with the girls, I’m sharing how easy it can be to indulge on some fabulous fare for under $25! ** prices are all approximate values!

A-List Snacks

Chocolate Dipped Chips. Total: $5.55


One Bag of Sea Salt Boulder Chips (on sale for $2.22/ea)

One Milk Chocolate Camino Chocolate Bar (on sale for $3.33/ea)


Melt the Camino chocolate bar either on stove stop or in the microwave

Dip each chip halfway into the chocolate


Cashew & Cranberry Mix. Total: $3.34

Simple AND foolproof! This is easy to mix and great to have out for guests! These nut and berry mixes are always a people pleaser! Grab a quarter lb of each variety (both on sale this month!) and serve to your guests!


¼ lb of cashews (on sale for $7.77/lb)

1/4lb of dried cranberries (on sale for $5.55/lb)



Kombucha “Mocktails”: $4.50 (Serves 4)


400mL of Hibiscus Rose Kombucha (on sale for $2.99/ea)

355mL Zevia Lemon Lime Twist

Limes (on sale for $2.22/lb)

Mint Leaves



Mix the Kombucha and Zevia

Garnish with Limes and Mint Leaves

Add Ice


Whipped Goat Cheese and Blueberry Dip with Crackers: $10.68


Goat Cheese

Grated Lime Zest

Blueberries (on sale for $2.79/ea)



Add the entire ingredient into a blender or food processor.

Blend until desired texture

Serve with crackers!

What are you guys serving this Oscars?!