October Featured Products: Foods to Pack for a Fall Hike
Fall is probably the BEST season for hiking! Why? Goodbye sticky hot – and sometimes unbearable – temperatures, helloooooooo crispy cool afternoons. Not to mention… the foliage!!! The trails are emptier and the sights are MUCH prettier. Should we go on - have we convinced you yet? As we gear up for fall hiking season, there are a few must-haves you NEED to bring along with you before embarking on your next trek. Here are three foods to help you fuel up for fall hikes, using October’s Featured Products!

Fuel Up for Fall Hikes with these Foods

1. Healthy Bars – Bars have always been a great “go-to” snack for hikers; they’re an awesome grab-n-go option. But… are protein bars actually good for you. Well, that depends. Did YOU know that some conventional protein bars contain upwards of 30g of sugar?! Some even contain more calories than a candy bar! Not to mention, conventional protein bars often contain lengthy ingredient lists filled with unrecognizable words; some ingredients are even lab-produced! Watch out for THESE specifically: high-fructose corn syrup, food colouring, and sugar alcohols… just to name a few! Freaking out yet? DON’T FRET! Ambrosia carries a wide variety natural and healthy bars like Mid-Day Squares Almond Crunch or Love Good Fats: Chocolatey & Chewy Nutty Bars. Mid-Day Squares are PACKED with antioxidants, 12 different vitamins and minerals, magnesium, 40% of your daily iron, 32% fibre, 30% calcium, & 20% protein… whew! Did you catch all that? Love Good Fats: Chocolatey & Chewy Nutty Bars are a keto-friendly snack that contain 6g of protein, 2g of sugar and NO sugar alcohols! 2. Salad – If you’re heading out on a lengthy hike, you’re going to need something more substantial than just protein bars! Pack a healthy, hearty salad in a re-usable container to get those added nutrients. Our go-to ingredients for a fall salad: • Living Earth Organic Microgreens – Ambrosia now carries Pea Shoots, Rainbow Micro Mix, Micro Cabbage, Micro Red Kale, Micro Broccoli, Micro Basil, & Micro Cilantro. Mix and match a couple of different microgreens in your salad to switch it up! • Cooked Organic Squash – Cooked squash is the perfect addition to a fall salad! Packed with flavour and nutrients, you can’t go wrong by adding this seasonal favourite to your salad! • Mary’s REAL Thin Crackers – Add a little crunch to your salad with Mary’s REAL Thin Crackers. Mary’s only uses whole, plant-base ingredients so top your salad with the Sea Salt or Garlic Rosemary for an added pop of flavour! • Dried Cranberries - Another fall salad go-to. Dried cranberries will add a tarty fruitiness to your salad that will up the flavour profile. • Salad Dressing – Ambrosia carries a wide variety of all natural salad dressings! Come on in and choose your favourite flavours!

3. Adaptogen Mylk Latte – Fall hiking can get a little cool in the weather department… cozy up with an Adaptogen Mylk Latte from Organika! Throw this ready-to-drink mix into a thermos and get moving. This latte provides you with a caffeine free energy boost that supports your stress response, and improves focus and memory. It contains locally raised mushrooms, and 2 grams of fiber per serving to help get you through your hike!

Happy Hiking!