November Featured Products Post – Refresh During the Change in Seasons
Does anyone else feel like summer kind of just stuck around this year? Did we even GET a fall? Us Ontarians have been pretty lucky this year in terms of warm weather, but now that November is officially here – we can’t help think that cool, crisp days are just over the horizon, and a change in season means it’s time to be a bit more mindful of our bodies and wellness! Why? Because a change in season can affect everything from your mind to your body! So today we’re sharing a bit of a self-care post in the hopes that this seasonal change will be a GREAT one! ENJOY! Two Ways to Rejuvinate During the Change in Seasons This time of the tends to be just a tad bit on the hectic side of things, what with the hustle and bustle of the holidays swiftly approaching along with everything that comes with a changeover in seasons! Now despite all of the business I always try my VERY best to set aside time to ensure that I’M still on track in terms of the wellness of both my body and mind! Shorter, darker days, colder temperatures and stronger winds that come with the fall and winter seasons can ALL impact our physical and mental wellness – so I’m sharing a couple of different ways to adjust to these changes using November’s Featured Products! 1. Nourish Your Body

Keeping your body healthy & nourished during this time of the year is absolutely imperative! We’re almost in the heart of cold & flu season, so keeping your immune system in tip top shape is really, really important! Not to mention, with the darkest day of the year coming up – it’s time to think of our Vitamin D levels!!!! Did YOU know that Canadians are some of the most vitamin D deficient humans on the planet? Thank-YOU dark Canadian winters! Nutrients like Vitamin D are essential to a healthy and strong immune system and a new line from Garden of Life called mykind Organics Supplements can help keep you healthy throughout the fall & winter seasons! The team of experts over at Garden of Life partnered with a scientist & the created this new certified organic, non-GMO project verified line of multivitamins made from real, whole foods! Over 30 organic fruits, veggies & herbs to be exact! We ALSO now have a fruit & veggie solution for those of you that are always busy & on the go! Kind has JUST created a new fruit & vegetable bar that takes a variety of pressed fruits & veggies & incorporates them into delicious bars! I am one hundred percent a “grab n’ go” breakfast kinda gal so I am thinking that these would be PERFECT for when I am rushing out the door. Seasonal changes also tend to ignite inflammation flare-ups for a lot of people, & turmeric is INFAMOUS for helping such ailments because it has amazing anti-inflammatory properties! We recently brought in Turmeric Golden Mylk from Botanica & this product makes that ever-so-popular golden milk beverage you’ve likely been seeing everywhere SO incredible easy!!!!! All you have to do? Whisk one teaspoon of Turmeric Golden Mylk into one cup of any milk alternate product & you’re good to go!!! And SPEAKING of milk alternative products… we ALSO just brought in Unsweetened Cinnamon Vanilla Chickpea Beverage from YoFiit! Hello!!! This could NOT be more perfect to add in with the Turmeric Golden Mylk! It’s the PERFECT fall beverage! And with this new YoFitt beverage boasting 10 grams of protein & 1000mg of omega-3 – well, that’s a nutrient powerhouse if we ever did see one! Now if you’ve already succumbed to cold & flu season, & are looking for a natural remedy NOW– we have a brand NEW natural cough remedy from St. Francis Herb Farm called Stop It Cold Cough Syrup for adults. This product is a certified organic herbal remedy featuring the healing properties of fresh elderberry and wild cherry bark blended with honey and the essential oils of lemon peel and cinnamon!!! 2. Nourish Your Mind Okay so THIS is my favourite part… taking the time to nourish your mind & RELAX! One of my favourite things to do during a stressful or busy time of the year is to have a little bit of a spa day; try to set aside even just a half an hour every week to rest, relax and rejuvenate your mind! It is SO worth it I promise! You can read ALL about my favourite DIY at home spa recipes and rituals HERE!!! I have absolutely NO shame in admitting that I love to pamper myself, so I was particularly excited when we brought in the new, vegan intensive treatment masks from AnneMarie Borlind! We brought in THREE different kinds & I am already planning various days where I can try out each and every single one of these! We have the…. Vitamin Duo Mask: Energizing. Stimulating, Bursting with vitamins. 2 in 1 Black Mask: Clarifying. Refining. Balancing. Sensitive Cream Mask: Relaxing. Soothing. Stabilizing..

What are some things that YOU do to keep healthy during the change in seasons?!