May Featured Products Post – Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed
Thinking of taking Mom to brunch for Mother’s Day this year? We’ve got a MUCH better idea. Why not skip the busy brunch crowds and opt for the classic breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day? Read on for the perfect guide to breakfast in bed this year with some of May’s Featured Products! Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed Making breakfast in bed for my mom on Mother’s Day was such a “go-to” gift for my brother and I. We used to LOVE cooking her brunch, and assembling her tray with a cute little vase of flowers and our homemade cards… all under the supervision of our dad – we were only around 6 years old mind you! I can’t imagine that there is anything as luxurious as relaxing in a robe in a cushy bed while your loved ones dote on your every need and whim, without having to worry about any chores or cleanup etc. I mean I honestly can’t think of anything more perfect. SO I thought I’d go a little bit old school for today’s post and share a Special Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed! ENJOY! The Foods Quinoa Breakfast Toastables – If you’re mom loves pancakes, waffles and French toast but isn’t so hot on the calories that come with them… then she will LOVE this new product from Qrunch Organics! These Quinoa Breakfast Toastables are perfect when paired with maple syrup, nut butters, jellies, or topped with fresh fruits! Not to mention, the prep on this is SO easy (just pop ‘em in the toaster or oven) in comparison to making waffles or pancakes from scratch – so the cleanup is BEYOND easy… if anything at all!

Golden Turmeric Cereal Topped with Fresh Organic Berries – I always like having a cold, lighter side with my breakfast and Nature’s Path new Golden Turmeric cereal is the perfect side for your Breakfast Quinoa Toastables! These guys are gluten free, certified Non-GMO, packed with whole grains, AND the warming turmeric makes the milk golden which is just the MOST fun! The Drinks

Healing Spirit Raw Water Kefir or Coconut Water Kefir – Envision a sparkling flavoured water but without all of the gross chemical junk! These are the perfect, fresh morning beverage to serve for your mom’s Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed! We’re especially fans of the Blueberry Lime variety!

Collagen & Greens Smoothie – Smoothies are an obvious beverage choice for Mother’s Day! Why not add a little something extra into your mom’s smoothie to give her that extra, added dose of healthy goodness?! Natural Factors Whole Earth and Sea Proteins & Greens contain fermented grasses, fruits, vegetables and micronized medicinal mushrooms to provide 21 g of protein in every serving! …ANNNNNNND AgeOff’s new Collagen helps for flawless hair skin, and nails which you can ALSO add to her smoothie! Because what mom doesn’t love flawless hair, skin and nails?! The Ambiance Flowers – We always used to add a little bit of greenery to our mom’s breakfast in bed tray! Grab a small vase and fill it with some of her favourite flowers… it’s a nice added touch & doesn’t go unnoticed!! Essential Oil Diffusers – Place an essential oil diffuser in your mom’s room to create a relaxing, stress free atmosphere for Mother’s Day! I’m personally a fan of the Peace, Refresh, Love or Dream varieties from Rare Essence REED Diffusers… depending what kind of tone you want to set! Some of bright and citrusy, while others are a bit more soothing and calming! Not to mention… these essential oils contain no solvents, alcohol, petrochemicals or phthalates! The Gift Mineral Fusion Lip & Tip Kits - Last but certainly not least... the GIFT! You can't forget about the gift! It's arguably the most important part! These Lip & Tip Kits from Mineral Fusion couldn't be a more perfect gift for Mother's Day this year! They come in both red & nude colours & I honestly can't decide which one I love more! We have a special promo going on for these Lip & Tip kits until Mother's Day & they will go FAST so I recommend getting in here ASAP to pick one up for Mom!!! What are some of your favourite ways to celebrate Mother’s Day?!
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