Benefits of Walking
We all know that exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Healthcare professionals recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise each day. This year, the COVID 19 pandemic has made keeping up with our regular forms of exercise a LOT trickier than it once was! With gyms and fitness studios temporarily closed down, our exercise options are fairly limited. What many people fail to realize is that something as simple as walking can be an excellent, gentle way to keep your body moving! In fact, walking has some truly special benefits for the body that other forms of exercise simply can’t deliver on. Today we’re delving into why going for a walk outside is one of THE best things you can do for your mental and physical well-being.

Benefits of Walking

Benefits of Walking

1. Going for a walk can boost your mood

Getting outside and going for a physically distanced walk can be a fantastic way to improve your mood. Studies have shown that just 12 minutes of walking can increase your vigor, focus, and self-confidence. Getting out in nature specifically can have a huge impact on your mood. Why? Nature encourages the brain to stop ruminating over bad experiences by giving you a fresh outlook and a broader perspective. These days, with most of us stuck indoors, getting outside for a quick walk in your neighborhood or on trails that remain open can have a huge impact on our overall mood. Have a dog? Head out on a walk with your pup for an extra dose of endorphins…. and be sure to bring along Cookie Pal Dog Treats for your four-legged friend! These delicious dog treats are made using high-quality, organic ingredients like oat and lentils (or oat and lentil flour), molasses, coconut oil, cashew butter, and turmeric!

2. Easier on the joints than other activities

High-impact exercise like running can take a serious toll on the joints. Walking is much safer for the joints as it is a low-impact activity. If you are new to exercise, or you have weaker joints, going for a walk is probably a better option for you. Did YOU know? Collagen plays an important role in the building of joint cartilage? Prevent against collagen loss by packing Genuine Health’s new Clean Collagen Bar with you as a walking snack. Each Clean Collagen Bar provides your daily dose of collagen, satiating protein AND healthy fats sourced from sunflower seed butter and organic coconut oil. Did we mention there’s also 9 grams of fibre?! These bars are perfect for increasing collagen intake on-the-go, or when you are looking for a serving of protein and collagen in one!

3. Can improve a wide range of physical functions

In addition to your mood and your joints, walking has plenty other physical benefits! By simply getting your body moving, you can help to counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. You’ll encourage the blood to start pumping at a healthier rate, you’ll stretch and exercise the muscles that don’t get enough work, and you can help reverse poor posture from hours spent at the desk while working from home. Need walking fuel? Bring along Hungry Buddha Keto Bar as a pre- or post-walk snack to keep your body and mind well-fueled. Hungry Buddha Keto Bars are PACKED with healthy fats like MCT oil, conceal 9g of plant protein, and are keto-certified with only 4g of net carbs and less than 2g of sugar. Are you an avid walker? Let us know what changes you notice in your body and your mood!