Holiday Nail Colours to Try this Holiday Season
Tis the season for LOTS of celebration & we bet your social calendar is positively PACKED with party after party after PARTY! So it’s only right that you dress to impress & one of our favourite ways to gussy ourselves up during the holidays is to give ourselves a fresh, festive manicure! Read on for FOUR different holiday nail polish colours you need to try this month! Plus… we’ve included a fun little tip to make each colour even more festive! Four Festive Nail Colours to Rock this Season Holiday Nail Trends are something that I look forward to literally every single year! It’s the one time that you really get to play with design, shimmer and all things glitter unapologetically and it just totally WORKS & completely enhances and adds to your holiday party ensembles! What’s even better about these particular colours we’re using today is that they’re from Pacifica Beauty & are considered a 7 Free Nail Polish! What does this mean? It means they’re completely free from the 7 top chemicals you would typically find in your every-day, conventional polish! On TOP of all that… these colours are 100% vegan AND great quality and long lasting… AKA everything you could want in a natural nail polish! Now without further ado, here are the four colours making waves this 2017 holiday season! Nail Polish

Bianca I mean, I obviously couldn’t write a holiday nail trend post without including a RED now could I?! What I love most about this colour is that it is a deeper, richer red – not the bright red you’d normally associate with the holidays – but I LOVE this shade! I find it to be just so super classy & elegant… perfect for your fancier holiday parties this month!

Festive Tip: Create DIY Ornament Nails!
  1. Paint all nails with Bianca, excluding your ring fingers.
  2. Paint your ring fingers using the Nude Polish from the Mineral Fusion Lip & Tip Holiday Gift Set.
  3. Once your nude polish dries, using a fine-tipped paintbrush coated with Midnight Ramble, make a circle on your ring finger; this will be the ornament!
  4. Take a black polish (Luxe Interior from Pacifica) & using a fine-tipped paintbrush, draw a line starting from your cuticle to connect to the top of the ornament to create the ornament hooks!
  5. Voiala! If you’re feeling EXTRA crafty, you can try out different designs on your ornaments using the fine-tipped paintbrush and polish colour od your choosing!

Luxe Interior HELLO!!! Could this not be more perfect to rock for New Years’ Eve?! When it comes to New Years, I love anything involving black, gold & glittery & this is a win on ALL counts! This particular colour scream glamorous and it’s the perfect shade to ring in the New Year!

Midnight Rambler This colour is great for both the holidays AND New Years’ Eve…. the name kind of speaks for itself no?! It’s a little bit unconventional and unexpected for Christmas, but I think that’s why I LOVE it so much! It’s just the most perfect winter blue and completely works amazingly well for your holiday soirees this year!

Festive Tip: Create Snowflakes!
  1. Paint all of your nails with Midnight Rambler
  2. Once they are dry, use a fine-tipped paintbrush coated with the nude colour from the Mineral Fusion Lip & Tip Kit. Draw an “X” on each ring finger
  3. Next, draw a cross between the space in the “X”
  4. Now, dot the ends of the cross and “X”
  5. Viola!
Crimson Kimono Okay so THIS is also super unconventional for the holidays – even MORE so than Midnight Rambler – however Pink has been popping up positively EVERYWHERE this Holiday Season from the décor to the tree to the ornaments… I thought – why not on your nails too right?! Crimson Kimono is a super fun colour to rock this season! Not to mention – if you’re travelling South for the holidays it works amazingly for that TOO! Festive Tip: Add a little Holiday GLITZ!
  1. Paint all nails with Crimson Kimono, except for your two ring fingers
  2. Paint your two ring fingers with Luxe Interior to amp up the drama and bring a little holiday glam
  3. Finished!

What are some of your favourite holiday nail trends?!

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