Healthy Halloween Treats: Chocolate Cockroaches Recipe
Trick or treat? We’ll go ahead and take treat... is there even a question? Today, we’re going full throttle “Halloween treats” with these Chocolate cockroaches using TWO of October’s Super Specials: medjool dates & walnut halves! These will make for the most perfect, kid-friendly Halloween party trick! Enjoy! Creepy, Crawly CHOCOLATE Cockroaches –Brit, Team Ambrosia Is there anything more cringe inducing on this planet than cockroaches?! Doesn’t the thought of them seriously just make your skin crawl? I’m getting shivers just thinking about it… so why not make them into a Halloween treat?! Because that’s the most logical thing to do right?! Halloween treats should always LOOK disgusting, but TASTE delicious. In my humble opinion, when it comes to Halloween, the treats should be as aesthetically DIS-pleasing as possible, and I think I’ve achieved that with these creepy chocolate cockroaches! Plus, they’re delicious to boot! Here’s What You’ll Need
  • Dried, pitted Medjool dates
  • Chopped walnut pieces
  • Black string licorice, sliced thinly – these will serve as your antennas!
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Chocolate coins – dark or light will BOTH work; go with whatever your preference is!
  1. Cut a slit down the center of the dates
  2. Place a couple of the chopped walnut pieces inside, close the dates and set them aside
  3. Melt your chocolate coins either in the microwave or in a pot on stove
  4. Dip the dates until fully coated
  5. Dip the bottom of the dates into chocolate sprinkles
  6. Before the chocolate dries, stick the chocolate, black licorice antennas into one end of the date
  7. Serve!

Will you be giving this recipe a go?!