Father’s Day Activities
BREAKING NEWS: Father’s Day is just DAYS away! Why not do something a little bit different this year to celebrate with Dad? We’re thinking… ditch the material gifts and invest in an experiential gift instead! There are SO many great activities that you can do with your dad this coming Sunday that will show him just how much you appreciate him… without breaking the bank! Fun Fact of the Day: Did YOU know that gifting someone with an experiential gift can actually have a more positive impact on your relationship with an individual than a material one?! Who knew?! Read on for our five favourite Father’s Day activities with dad! Five Father’s Day Activities I’ve spoken about this on the blog before... but I LOVE gifting experience gifts over material when it comes to pretty much any special occasion. Why? Because I find them to be SO much more meaningful and memorable and I think that they hold a lot more weight in comparison to their material counterparts! PLUS you don’t have to spend hours on end at the mall trying to hunt down the perfect gift… which I think is a win/win situation for EVERYONE involved! Here are some of MY personal favourite activities to share with dad this Father’s Day! Take a Hike

Hiking is a fantastic way to celebrate Father’s Day because it gets you outdoors, moving and I always find that hikes help foster some pretty great conversation. Not to mention, we’re home to some pretty incredible hiking trails here in the GTA! I wrote about some of my favourite spots last year – which you can find HERE – so be sure to check a few of these out on Father’s Day and over the course of the summer! Hiking Snacks: You’re going to need to fuel your hike, so be sure to stock up on snacks like Kind Nut Bars (on sale for $1.55), Simply Protein Chips (on sale for $1.33), bulk Coconut Chips (on sale for $5.55/lb) AND bulk Turkish Figs (on sale for $5.55/lb). Fire Up the Grill

Hiking not so much your thing? That’s okay! You can still enjoy the great outdoors by hosting a Father’s Day BBQ right in your very own backyard. We have some incredible plant-based BBQ options on sale this month…,which we outlined on the blog HERE! OR you can enjoy Black Angus Burgers from Paradise Farms…on sale for just $6.99 this month! Go Camping

Camping? It’s honestly not so much my thing, BUT I do understand how people can enjoy this activity, and I feel as though it is definitely a quintessential Father’s Day excursion! But there are a few essentials that you’re going to need in order to make your Father’s Day camping experience an enjoyable one! Camping Must-Haves: You’re definitely going to need a little bit of help when it comes to the outdoor elements! Luckily for YOU Boiron’s Dapis Gel (a homeopathic medicine used for insect bites) as well as Nature’s Aid Skin Gel are BOTH on sale this month!And what’s camping without a campfire and s’mores?! The answer… is not much! We have Dandies Vegan Marshmallows, Schar Gluten Free Honeygrams AND Enjoy Life’s dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate chips! Happy Roasting! Have a Picnic

Okay so having a picnic is definitely a more manageable outdoor activity for me! Grab some grub, and head to a local park, or down by Lake Ontario for a Father’s Day picnic with the WHOLE family! Need a few picnic friendly meal ideas? Read about Team Ambrosia’s favourite picnic foods HERE! And be sure to bring along June Specials’ Kettle Potato Chips and Field Day Organic Cookies for easy picnic snacks that literally EVERYONE will love! Go Golfing

Golfing... it’s a Father’s Day classic for a reason! Even if you yourself don’t golf, why not treat your dad to a day of golfing?! Just make sure that he is sun protected… because golf tan lines are NOT a good look on anyone! He’ll likely be exposed under the hot sun all day, so be sure that he is armed with the best! Like June Super Special Green Beaver Natural Mineral Sunscreen… on sale for just $11.11 this month! What are some of your favourite Father’s Day activities?
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