Fall Bucket List!
Fall is only a couple of days away, and we think that you should try and squeeze in every last OUNCE out of this amazing season as possible! And to help you out a bit, we’ve carefully compiled a small list of activities that you should try and complete before the season’s end!!! So take advantage of autumn with this foolproof Fall Bucket List!! 10 Things You Need to Try This Fall I am not going to lie, I started ticking things off of my own personal Fall Bucket list as SOON as September 1st hit! My apartment is already decked out for Thanksgiving, I’ve eaten more pumpkin spice concoctions than I care to admit & my nightly tv schedule consists of a steady stream of vintage Horror Movies… and we haven’t even OFFICIALLY entered fall yet. I mean I hate to state the obvious, but fall is one hundred and TEN percent my absolute favourite time of the year! Now while I realize that a good majority of you tend to gravitate more toward summer as your favourite season, I’m here to show you that I think you should totally give fall a chance!!! Because in my personal opinion, it’s JUST as good, if not more! So without further ado…. Here are 10 things you must, must, MUST try this fall season!!!!
  1. Do Some Fall Baking
Fall absolutely marks the unofficial start of baking season here in Ontario, so I felt it more than necessary to include a couple of baking recipes here on this list! There’s something to be said for cold days spent hauled up in the kitchen, baking THE most delectable goods! Here are a couple fall baked goods that are particularly incredible: - Leftover Halloween Candy Cookies - Gluten Free & Vegan Apple Tart - Sweet Potato Walnut Bread - Gluten Free Vanilla Almond Moon Cookies
  1. Watch a Horror Movie
I think one of the main reasons I’m so obsessed with fall is because my favourite holiday just so happens to lie in this month… HALLOWEEN!!! Now to prepare for the “scariest” night of the year, I like to pack my nights with horror movie, upon horror movie to really get into the spirit of things! And you CAN’T possibly have movie night without consuming an inordinate amount of snacks now can you?! For your convenience, I’ve listed a few snacks I totally think you will enjoy while watching a few horror flicks! - Vegan Cookies; GoGo Quinoa. On SALE this month for $4.99 a box! - Chocolate Covered “Cockroaches” – DON’T WORRY… not REAL ones! Just dates covered in chocolate to make them more scary! - Skinny Pop Popcorn – 6 pack on SALE for $4.99 - Sugar Free Chocolate Bars – on SALE for $5.99/ea
  1. Have a Fall Picnic
Picnics are NOT just for fall! In fact, I think that I actually prefer them in the fall when all of the leaves are these gorgeous, vibrant colours of red, orange and yellow! Just bring a few chunky blankets and layers to throw on and you’ll be MORE than good to go! Below are a few different recipes that I think would be perfect for a Fall Picnic! Butternut Hemp Soup Chilli Con Udo’s Perfect Protein Pumpkin Parfait Chia Pecan Pudding
  1. Decorate Your Home for Fall
One of my favourite things to get into the spirit of Fall & Thanksgiving is to decorate the home. Homes are arguably where you spend the majority of your time so I think it’s important to create a space that feels cozy and comfortable for the cooler months! I recently wrote an article about using apples to decorate the space, which you can find HERE!
  1. Make THIS mini cauldron pumpkin & fill it with natural candies
I LOVE this mini pumpkin cauldron candy holder! It’s a fun project to take on with the kids, and I can only imagine how excited your “Trick or Treators” will be to collect natural candies from this witches caldron! Click HERE to find out how you can make it!
  1. Make your own DIY Halloween Costume
Trying to select a Halloween costume can be a tad bit daunting! However, I made this scarecrow costume a couple of years ago using ONLY the makeup and clothes I already had lying around! Cost-effect and easy costumes are just my very favourite! Not to mention, it’s kind of fun to sort through your clothes and see what you can come up with! Click HERE to find out how you can also make this Scarecrow costume!
  1. Go apple picking in the “Ambrosia Orchard”
Apple picking is definitely one of fall’s more popular activities, so we thought that we’d create a mini little orchard right here in Ambrosia! We’re featuring sales on various types of apples throughout the month of September so be SURE to pop in and check it out! PS. tag us in your Apple recipes for a chance to win a $25 Ambrosia Gift Card!!!
  1. Take advantage of pumpkin season
This is like the ONE time during the year where you can REALLY take advantage of pumpkins unapologetically! So be SURE that you DO! There are SO many incredible pumpkin recipes out there but some of my favourites would have to be this Vegan Pumpkin Spiced Latte, Ambrosia’s Pumpkin Parfait recipe and my very OWN Pumpkin Parfait recipe which you can find on our Instagram page HERE!
  1. Host a fall dinner party with friends
Friendsgiving anyone? The concept of having an additional Thanksgiving Dinner with friends has been a FAST growing trend! And I kind of really LOVE it! Thanksgiving is great to spend with your family, but making time for your closest friends is also incredibly important too! I have a few different tips and tricks up my sleeve when it comes to creating a perfect Fall Tablescape for dinner parties… which you can find HERE!
  1. Go Hiking!
Okay so remember what I said about loving picnics even MORE in the fall… okay so DITTO for hiking! You simply cannot BEAT those incredible fall colours on a hike in autumn and it’s especially great to get outside and enjoy that crisp fall air… and a little exercise too! Here are a few of my personal hiking spots in and around the GTA!
  • Bruce Trail in Hamilton
  • Bluffers’ Park in Scarborough
  • Serena Gundy Park in Toronto
  • Sunnybrook Park in Toronto
  • Spencer Gorge in Hamilton

Okay… What are some of YOUR favourite things to do in the fall?!

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