Celebrate National Iced Tea Month AND Summer!
It’s no coincidence that the first day of summer just so happens to coincide with National Iced Tea month! Because what better way to celebrate the hottest season of the year than with a nice, refreshing glass of cold iced tea?! And if you just so happen to be throwing a summer soiree this weekend, well then we have the PERFECT iced tea refreshment station that will knock your guests’ socks off! ENJOY! Whimsical Iced Tea Refreshment Station Hello summer! There’s just something about nice, warm weather that puts everyone into a happy, sociable mood!! But as the days become longer and the patio restaurants begin to fill up… it becomes evidently clear that summer socializing can tug at the good old’ purse strings! So why not transition all of that summer socializing to your very own home or backyard? Last year we shared a summer kickoff party which you can find HERE, however in honour of National Iced Tea month we thought that an Iced Tea Refreshment Station would be the perfect addition to your summer parties! What do you need to create one? Find out below! What You’ll Need Instructions
  1. A couple of hours before your party begins make a couple of pitchers of iced tea so it’s ready when guests arrive! Tip: Grab 2-3 of your favourite tea flavours to do so from any natural brand so you have some variety.
  2. Place the tea bags of three of your favourite tea flavours into three separate heatproof glass pitchers
  3. Boil hot water in a kettle, and pour it into the three separate pitchers. All the tea to sit for at LEAST five minutes before removing the tea bags.
  4. Place the three pitchers into the fridge for a couple of hours before your guests arrive!
  5. While your tea cools, cut up your organic vegetables, fruits and garnishes. Then arrange them into separate bowls so that your guests can pick and choose how they would like to assemble their iced teas
  6. Fill a fourth dispenser with ice and pour in the Black River Classic Lemonade (300mL on SALE this month for just $1.77) so that your guests can have the option to make Arnold Palmers – half lemonade, half iced tea!
  7. Once the iced tea has cooled, remove them from the fridge and place them on a table with the pitcher of lemonade, arrange your bowls of fruits, herbs and a jar filled with the Preserve Compostable Straws around the pitchers and voila! You’ve got your very own iced tea bar!
Have you ever made one?!
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