Best Winter Beauty Products For $10 or Under
The outdoor elements that come with winter can wreak absolute havoc on our skin! You know that dry, rough, patchy red skin you’re experiencing…. yep, it may very well have to do with the winter weather! So if you’re not typically one to engage in a tried-and-true skincare routine, now may be a good time to start! We know what you’re thinking… cost, right?! We get it, skincare products can, at times, cost a pretty penny, and with the holidays having recently passed, skincare may not exactly be a priority! However, there are definitely a few cost-effective ways to take care of your skin, so we’re sharing some of our favourite skincare products that cost $10 or under! Eco -Friendly Skin Care – Brit, Team Ambrosia So why is winter so bad for our skin anyways?! Well if you think about it, our skin is literally the only part of our body that comes in direct contact with the external environment! This means that our poor skin is often subjected to harsh winds, low temperatures, sleet and snow. So in extreme temperatures such as this, there often isn’t much moisture left in the air… leaving our skin cracked and dry!!! It’s therefore imperative that we play our role in ensuring that our skin receives the extra nutrients and moisture that it needs in order to stay healthy during the winter!! Insert: a foolproof daily skincare routine!!! Now I have to admit that I haven’t always been the most responsible person when it comes to my skin! As a teenager, tans were more of a priority than nailing down a perfectly rigid exfoliation/toning routine, let’s just put it that way! However, now that I’m actually aware of just how hazardous environmental influences can be on our skin, I’ve definitely changed my tune a bit and engage in nightly routine that I now absolutely can’t live without! For those of you that are new to the nightly skincare routine, below is a more generalized idea of how it’s all supposed to all go down!!! I’ve included the step, along with a product that is in and around the $10 mark! Quick Tip: As a general rule of thumb, and to keep it simple, apply your products from thinnest consistency to thickest (AKA liquid to creams!)…. Or as follows!!!
  1. Cleanser – Cleanser should always be the first step of your daily skincare routine! It helps to remove any dirt or residue (ie. makeup, pollution, oil build-up etc) and helps create a clean slate prior to applying the rest of your skincare products!
  • Boo Bamboo Nourishing Face Wash
*** DIY Tips: Did you know that coconut oil can be used as a natural face wash?! YES!!!! I used to use coconut oil all the time, and what I LOVE about it, is that it acts as a cleanser and moisturizer at the same time! Coconut oil is on sale here for $7.77 until the end of the month!
  1. Toner – Toner is probably the most skimmed over beauty product in any given skincare routine. Because this beauty product has both moisturizing and cleansing properties, many people deem it as a bit of an “unnecessary” because they already utilize cleansing or moisturizing products to begin with! BUT there is oh so much more to this overlooked skincare step…
Toner takes the whole cleansing process and goes a step further, by clearing out any of the residue your cleanser might have missed. AKA: They help to absorb any excessive oil and help to clear out your pores. Not to mention, one of my personal favourite reasons for using toner is that it helps to tighten your pores or firm up your skin, which will leave your skin feeling taught, yet moisturized all at once!
  • Andalou Coconut Firming Toner
  • Witch Hazel – I’ve used witch hazel for years as a toner, and I’ve really found it to be effective! We carry a few different brands of witch hazel here, so have a look and see which one will work best with your skin!
*** DIY Tips: Mix one part apple cider vinegar and two parts water for an all-natural, at home toner! ACV is great for balancing your skin’s pH levels – which can be thrown way off whack by the winter weather! Hot Tip: Don’t wash your toner off! It’s meant to stay on your skin before you apply your moisturizer! If you wash it away, you’re going to be losing all of the really wonderful benefits that come along with it!
  1. Moisturizer – We always need a little extra moisturizing or hydration after our skin has been exposed to harsh weather (particular during the cold winter!!!), so this is generally the last layer that we want to put onto our skin! The optimal time for applying a moisturizing lotion to our faces is when your skin is still moist – ie after cleansing or applying a toner!
Moisturizing is especially important prior to catching some shut eye because our skin repairs during the nighttime, moisturizing can easily be absorbed and used to regenerate our skin cells while we sleep!
  • Sukin Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturizer
*** DIY Tips: Add an essential oil drop to your coconut oil to create a homemade moisturizer! I’m thinking lavender, lemongrass, or peppermint would be some pretty great contenders for this little project!

What are some of your favourite winter skincare tips?!

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