Back To School Made EASY – Our Foolproof Lunchbox Guide
Happy first day back at school! Can you believe that we’re actually saying that?! It feels like we just kicked off the beginning of summer! Now while it’s likely that many of you parents are secretly relishing in back to school bliss, we’re sure that the kids don’t necessarily feel the same way. To help make BOTH of your lives a little easier, and to avoid any potential lunchbox boredom, we’re sharing ways to create the perfect back to school lunch guide! Back to School Lunchbox 101Brit, Team Ambrosia Keeping kids healthy and nourished is such an integral part of their upbringing! In order to ensure proper development, and to keep a sharp mind in the classroom, it’s important to provide children with the essentials… nutrient wise! Today I’m breaking down the basics on how to create a simple, tasty and healthy lunchbox that will keep you AND the kids happy!! Not to mention, a TON of the items mentioned on this list are actually on SALE this September! Here’s What You’ll Need

Sandwich and Snack Container – Preserve


You’re going to need to put those lunches in something so why not the Preserve Food containers?! We carry both the sandwich and snack size here at Ambrosia in 3 different varieties


These containers are BPA free and dishwasher safe! What’s BPA free you might ask? BPA stands for bisphenol A. which is essentially an industrial chemical that is used in plastic production! In some research studies, it’s been shown that BPA can actually seep into our foods or beverages in containers made with this chemical, leading to possible health side effects! Yikes! Studies aren’t conclusive… but better to be safe than sorry!!!

These lunch containers are on SALE this month at $4.99 for the sandwich variety and $1.77 for the snack variety!

Sliced Meats – Mclean


Sliced meat sandwiches are a major pillar of the back to school lunch scene! They’re an easy go-to and a great source of protein! Both our deli meats and sliced turkey and chicken are on sale this month! Each variety is nitrite and preservative free, and all livestock was raised without the use of antibiotics!

Add cucumber, lettuce, tomato and natural cheese and you’ve got yourself a pretty solid sandwich!

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


Fruits and vegetables make for a great, healthy snack for the kiddos during recess or lunch! Packed with vitamins, minerals and all things nutrients, you simply can’t go wrong with amping up the fruit and veggie factor during lunch time! Ensure that you have a balance of both fruit and veg! Fruit does have high levels of natural sugars, so it’s important that you incorporate ample amounts of vegetables as well!

Eska Water Bottle


I know that this may seem really silly to say, but I really love the taste of Eska Natural Spring Water! It tatses fresh and “clear”, if that’s even a real adjective for taste… but it just does! It’s important for the kids to stay hydrated throughout the day, so be sure to pack a couple of these along with their lunches!

Morning Rounds – Ozery Bakery


These morning rounds from Ozzery Bakery offer up a wonderful source of fiber! You can incorporate these nourishing rounds in kids’ breakfasts (spread on nut butters and bananas?!) OR during lunch time and make a sandwich! Everything made at Ozery Bakery is free from artificial flavours and colours, preservatives, additives AND GMOs.

Kids’ Bar – Simply Protein


Granola bars are such a staple in the back to school lunch boxes so I obviously HAD to include one in today’s healthy lunch guide! Simply Protein Kids’ Bars offer up everything that you’d need in a granola bar… they’re nut free, gluten free, Non GMO and packed with nutrients and energy sources like protein and fiber to help fuel your kids throughout the day!

What’s in YOUR lunchbox?!