April – Featured Products Post
Happy April! We've all heard the term "spring cleaning", but have you ever thought of applying this to your foods and household products? There's no time like the present to take a good hard look at the items in your home to determine what kind of impact they have on our health and wellness. Healthier eating starts with spring cleaning your fridge and pantry – and stocking up on smart food choices. Get started with some of April's Featured Products healthy swaps! Healthy Swaps Now that spring has arrived, I’m finally taking some time to come out of hibernation to re-organize my pantry and toiletries! Admittedly, my diet has been a little off the rails since the holidays (yep – it’s been THAT long) so it’s officially time to get back on track and make a few essential changes! Spring cleaning your pantry isn't necessarily about clean eating, but about making small changes to your eating habits so that you ultimately feel healthy and happy. Below are a few simple small swaps you can make to your shopping list for a healthier spring!
Product Conventional Choice Healthy Swap
Trail Mix Trail mix is typically regarded as a healthy snack, BUT many are actually packed with added sugars, saturated fat, and artificial ingredients galore. Conventional trail mixes often contain artificial dyes, processed sugars, and high levels of sodium… not what you’d typically think of when you first reach for the trail mix! Patience Active Blends! This amazing, all natural trail mix is made from whole nuts, grains and dried cranberries… making them an incredible source of energy! Not to mention, the Moka Moments flavour is packs a powerful nutritional punch of 250mg of polyphenols per 50g serving or 175mg per 35g serving.
Pizza Pizza is delicious… but not always nutritious. Not all pizza is created equal, and knowing the difference between a healthy and unhealthy slice can make ALL the difference! Most conventional pizza contains inflammatory ingredients like gluten and dairy and are loaded with sugars (yep – who knew?!) and saturated fats. Wholly Veggies Pizza! This pizza comes in three delicious flavours: classic cheese, kale & hemp, & margherita! Each pizza is made on a vitamin C rich cauliflower crust topped with organic tomato sauce and vegan cheese! Not to mention, the Kale & Hemp pizza is packed with plant based protein and energy sources!
Energy Drinks Energy drinks have recently gotten a pretty bad rep. Why? Because many energy drinks typically contain large amounts of caffeine, added sugars, vitamins, and legal stimulants, such as guarana. Health experts suggest that when these ingredients are combined, they can increase the effects of caffeine… potentially causing harmful effects on the body – specifically your heart! Zevia Energy Drinks! This brand new energy drink from Zevia offers up clean energy… without all the sugar and artificial stuff. This drink is packed with 120mg of natural caffeine! Zevia’s energy drinks are sugar free, contain ZERO calories, and no artificial ANYTHING!
Pads and Tampons The topic of healthy and safe feminine products is ALWAYS a topic of discussion… and for good reason! There have been many instances where women experience Toxic Shock Syndrom (TSS) as a direct result of tampon use! Not to mention… their impact on the environment doesn’t have the BEST track record. Naty Sanitary Pads & Liners! Naty’s feminine products are a GREAT alternative to conventional brands! Their pads are FULLY natural, renewable and free from chemicals that can irritate sensitive pH balances because their ecological pads come without the petroleum-based plastics or synthetic fibers that some conventional products have.