6 Ways To Use Cranberry Sauce
We’re definitely in the heart of holiday season over here in Ontario, and we can’t think of a more seasonally appropriate staple than cranberry sauce! Who DOESN’T love cranberry sauce?! Today we wanted to get a little creative with our cranberry sauce and show you five totally versatile ways to reinvent the traditional way cranberry sauce is typically used! ENJOY! Getting Creative With Cranberry Sauce Brit, Team Ambrosia Aside from the actual turkey itself, cranberry sauce has got to be my favourite component of any holiday meal. It’s just the perfect sweet complement to the savoury flavours that are so quintessential to Thanksgiving or Christmas. However we tend to view cranberry sauce merely as just a condiment to turkey, and not much else.… but truth be told there are SO many versatile recipes in which one can add this sweet tart cranberry sauce to! Below are six of my favourites!!!
  1. Infuse your ice cubes with cranberry sauce – I posted an infused jam ice cube recipe a couple of months ago, which can easily be achieved with cranberry sauce! Simply add a teaspoon of cranberry sauce to the water in each ice cube tray and freeze! Adds the perfect, festive twist to water this season!
  2. Make cranberry grilled cheese – I am such a big fan of combining savoury and sweet flavours in my grilled cheese sandwiches… and this variation did NOT disappoint! All you have to do is spread cranberry sauce to your bread, add desired cheese, and fry away.
  3. Used as a topping for yogurts - Move over fruit spreads… cranberry sauce has arrived. Top yogurt with cranberry sauce and granola or nuts for a super festive and hearty breakfast!
  4. Cranberry Sauce Oat Bars –doesn’t this just sound like heaven? Add in cranberry sauce to any standard oat bar recipe (or ANY baked goods recipe for that matter) and I’m telling you… you will be blown away taste wise! It adds a perfect sweet, yet tart twist!
  5. Incorporate cranberry sauce into your meat glazes or marinades – It’s such a great added sweet touch that perfectly offsets the savoury, sour or spicy flavour of meat marinades! I love adding cranberry sauce with a zest of orange to a roasted ham glaze… so delicious!
  6. Add cranberry sauce to your bottled BBQ sauce – Another really simple, no fuss way to add a new flavour dimension to your condiments! This will instantaneously add an autumnal touch to any of your meat dishes!
**Hot Health Tip: Cranberries contain a ‘healthy’ amount of the antioxidant, polyphenols that help to reduce inflammation in your body. Not to mention, this fruit is low in sugar, relatively speaking, making it easier to attain your daily fruit intake without adding on too many extra calories!

Will you try out any of the above recipes?!