5 Uses for Avocado Oil
When it comes to cooking oils, Avocado Oil is relatively new so to speak, however it is gaining some huge traction in the health food industry as of late! And for good reason! Avocado Oil is rich in flavour, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Not only that… it has an incredibly high smoke point to boot! Why are we telling you all of this? Well A. because we think it’s just pretty neat overall, & B. because Chosen Foods Avocado Oil is on SALE until the end of November! So we’re sharing 5 uses for this super food oil! ENJOY! 5 Uses for Avocado Oil

Step aside coconut oil… there’s a NEW super food oil that’s making waves in the health food industry & it is Avocado Oil! I have to admit; I literally JUST started using avocado oil in my cooking and I really do actually happen to love it! I was completely hesitant at first about incorporating this type of oil into my foods, only because I had assumed that the flavouring would be a bit well…. off! I mean I like avocados… I just didn’t know if I would like ALL of my foods tasting like avocados! Makes sense right? Well… I am very happy to report that I have now used this oil enough to know that not only does it NOT make my foods taste only like avocados… it actually brings this really great light, clean flavour with a mild nuttiness that is just the perfect complement and addition to any of your meals! PLUS this makes for a really easy way to incorporate healthy fats and vitamins into your everyday foods… or even into your beauty products! So…. How does one incorporate this oil into everyday life? Below are just a few ideas that I’ve rounded up!
  1. Substitute for Butter in Baking
Sweets and baked goods can wreak havoc on your immune system; however there ARE a few ways to make desserts a little healthier… swap your butter for avocado oil! Wherever you see butter in a baked goods recipe, try swapping it out for avocado oil to create a “better for you” variety! Seeing as how avocado oil has a pretty mild taste, you won’t sacrifice on the taste either! And SPEAKING of butter substation… I’m one of those people that ask for LAYERED butter on my popcorn when I go to the movies!! Try swapping out the butter for healthier fats like avocado oil!
  1. Substitute for Cooking Oils
You know how some cooking oils can really alter the flavour of your dish? Sometimes for the better… and unfortunately sometimes for the worse! Well you’re NOT going to get that with avocado oil! As I’ve mentioned, because avocado oil is relatively mild in taste, you’re still going to get all of those wonderful health benefits from the oil without altering the flavour profile of your foods! The good news? You can essentially swap out ANY cooking oil for avocado oil!
  1. Use in your Beauty Routine
Okay so although this one may seem a tad bit unconventional… it really shouldn’t! We use oils in our beauty routine ALL the time, so it should actually come as no surprise that avocado oil is pretty great for your health & beauty too! You can apply it to your skin (it has a high vitamin E content), on your scalp for a dandruff remedy or to damp hair for deep conditioning! Who knew?!
  1. Use it in your Marinades or Condiments
Because Avocado Oil has a high smoke point, it makes them a great option for marinades! Because this particular oil can withstand heat, it’s ideal for grilling, pan frying, searing and stir frying! Simply swap out oils you would regularly use in your marinades for avocado oil and let the magic happen! Tip: Marinades should be left for at least two hour for max flavour profile!
  1. Substitute for Eggs
In certain instances, eggs can actually be substituted for Avocado Oil! Did YOU know that many plant based mayonnaise recipes replace the eggs for avocado oil?! And if you have a penchant for friend or battered foods, simply replace the egg wash for avocado oil and voila! You have a healthier version of your favourite foods!

How do you use Avocado Oil in your everyday cooking?!

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