$10 Movie Night
When the temperatures begin to drop, so does our motivation to leave the comforts of our comfortable, cozy homes! Anyone else?! Sometimes the best cure to beat the cold, winter blues is to cuddle up and enjoy movie night with the family! But instead of shelling out $100 at the cinema for a movie night for four, why not enjoy a cost-effective night in… at a fraction of the cost! Today we’re sharing some of our favourite tips and tricks to enjoy Movie Night for $10! How To Spend $10 on Movie Night! – Brit, Team Ambrosia As a self-proclaimed movie buff of any, and all, genres… movie nights are kind of my specialty! And while I do enjoy being outdoors and getting the most out of good ol’ Mother Nature, on a typical Saturday night you’ll more than likely find me veggin’ out on some sort of comfy couch, and catching a good flick on the home screen! Just the BEST! Below are a few different ways to get the most out of at-home Movie Night… all for $10!!! Enjoy! Combo For Four, Please! Not going to lie… I think that I may enjoy the quintessential movie night concession stand snacks just as much, if not more, than actually viewing the movie itself! There’s just something incredibly nostalgic about grabbing a can of soda, and popcorn at the theatre! What I most definitely do not love about these snacks? The cost... because I’m nearly 100 percent positive that your standard popcorn/drink/candy combo can run you anywhere between $20 and $50 these days… which is just absolutely NUTS! Not to mention, it’s not exactly the healthiest of snack items. Not So Fun Fact of The Day: large popcorn, without butter, at the movie theatre is around 1,000 calories and over 40g of fat!!!!! I think I’ll pass…. Movie snacks should absolutely NOT cost you this much money… or for that matter be that unhealthy!!!! Here is a perfectly good example of how you can consume the same amount of yummy, theatre-esque food, at a fraction of the cost!!!!
  • One Bag of SkinnyPop Popcorn - $3.33 On Sale. This popcorn contains no artificial ingredients, is gluten, dairy and preservative free… AND is certified Non-GMO! Looking for flavour recommendations? I’m a personal fan of the white cheddar variety!
  • Four Cans of Zevia – $0.89/each ($3.65 total). Zevia is a zero calroie natural pop alternative that contains no artificial flavours and, best of all, NO aspartame! I love the gingerale flavour!
  • 1/2lb of Chocolate Covered Peanuts - $1.90. Please do NOT judge me, but one of my favourite things to do at the theater is toss some form of chocolate-y sweet into my popcorn! The flavour combination is just unreal! Try it, and let me know how it goes!
  • 1/4lb Fruit Juice Berries - $1.43. This one is purely just to add a little bit of candy variety! But seriously, who doesn’t love these fruit juice berries?!
Create A DIY Popcorn Bar Hot Tip: If you want to add a little fancy “pizzazz” to your Movie Night in, take the above and turn it into a DIY Popcorn Bar!!! Simply fill a bucket with popcorn, fill two smaller bowls with the chocolate covered candy and berries, grab a salt shaker, and if you’d like to get SUPER snazzy… add little red pinstriped popcorn holders from the Dollarstore! People can essentially build their own popcorn bowl… which is SO fun! Especially for the kiddos! No to mention, this makes for a great, cost-effective party idea for your children! Remember when you used to go to the movies as a kid for birthday parties, and it was just the best thing EVER?! Recreate this at home with a popcorn bar and throw on a movie! Quantities will of course have to be adjusted, but I’m thinking that this will be a whole lot cheaper than treating 20 plus kids to a day at the cinemas!!!!

Will you be giving this a go?! Let us know!

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